No Man’s Sky 1.10 Foundation Update Next Week

Hello Games have broken their three month silence to reveal a brand new update is coming to the controversial No Man’s Sky this week.

Entitled The Foundation Update, this will enable players to build bases within the game, but also set up a foundation for things to come.

Over the last nine weeks, the team have been working on development, testing, and certification for this Foundation Update, which they promise will be the start of something bigger.

The team admit that discussion about the game since launch has been ‘intense and dramatic’ but that Hello Games still ‘loves’ and feels ‘passionately about’ No Man’s Sky.

Sadly, we’ve yet to check the game out, but it seems like it could be the perfect case for Expansive seeing as it has had a very rough start, yet the developers are keen to evolve and improve the experience overtime.

The big question: is it too little, too late? Would you be willing to jump back into this world to see what Hello Games have in store for the next 6 months, or has that ship already sailed?

Let us know in the comment section below.


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