Xbox 360

Gears Of War Judgment: Lost Relics

A new DLC pack titled ‘Lost Relics’ has been announced via Epic Games forum, featuring 4 new playable maps and a new playable game mode you cant accuse Epic on skimping on the content, Lost Relics  is set for release some time during June. The new game type is called…

Playstation 3

The Mouth of Souron Comes to Middle Earth.

The Mouth of Souron (Ya’ know that Nazgul looking guy who appeared briefly in Return of the King) joins the host of playable characters in the console based Guardians of Middle Earth from Monolith Productions in their latest DLC Update. Check out the reveal trailer below! Hailing from Barad-dur Along with…


Defiance First DLC: Enter The Castithan

  Defiance: Enter the Cstithan Cross-platform Sci-Fi MMO Defiance has DLC incoming. Entitled the ‘Enter The Castithan’ pack It is the first of a promised 5 sets of DLC intended for release for the game this year. The DLC will feature as promised a mixture of both paid and unpaid content along…

Playstation 3

GRID 2 Preview

It’s been a long time since the original GRID hit home consoles way back in 2008.  At the time, the original GRID was revolutionary – it was the first racer to really combine the look and handling of a sim with the customization and track style of an arcade racer….


Should Season Passes make it to next-gen?

Season Passes are a statement of intent from developers to gamers. They are a financial contract put in place to progress a game; continuing to produce content post launch. However, things don’t always go to plan, and as a result of that important questions must be asked. Such as, are they really the most attractive…