Upcoming Playstation All-Stars DLC will be free for purchasers of God of War: Ascension in North America.

As we previously reported, Isaac Clarke and Zeus are coming to Playstation All-Stars this month. If you’re buying God of War: Ascension however, you’ll get them both for free.

Revealed on the PlayStation Blog, lead game designer Seth Killian explains that the DLC will be bundled in the GOW box as a voucher . Normally, both characters will cost $4.99 from the PlayStation Store.

Zeus is a power-fighter, and punishes his opponents with almighty strikes. “He can power up virtually all of his attacks into a ‘charged’ version with all kinds of new effects, giving him one of the biggest move lists in the game,” Killian explains.

Isaac Clarke, on the other hand, is a mid-range fighter, capable of using futuristic weapons and suit techniques. “He can advance or retreat while firing his trusty Plasma Cutter, toss proximity mines, use Stasis attacks to freeze opponents, or spin slowly moving Ripper blades at enemies with a blast of Kinesis torque,” Killian added.

Here’s Isaac Clarke

and, of course, Zeus from God of War..

(Source: Playstation Blog)