Puppeteer: Overview

For more detail on the game, check out our ‘As We Play’ feature on Puppeteer..

As We Play

Technical Issues



Sony have done it again and delivered a second must-have exclusive for Playstation 3 this year. Puppeteer is completely magical and absolutely enchanting. The game delivers on almost every promise it makes from the very opening moments and continues to surprise and entertain through to its closing moments.

It’s not the finest platformer i’ve played this year (that distinction still belongs to Rayman Legends) but the games are worlds apart. Comparing does a disservice to the incredible things both sets of developers have managed to accomplish.

Puppeteer is pure joy with its quirky humor, unmatched art-style, dynamic action and high quality production values. If this is the future of independent development from Sony, then the Playstation 4 is sure to offer the golden years of game development in the company’s almost twenty year legacy.