RIFT rolls up to the Carnival of the Ascended in 2.2

RIFT, Trion World’s hugely popular MMO, is celebrating its two year anniversary with a carnival, as well as some major changes.

It’s a celebration. Not only will The Carnival of the Ascended be coming to Tempest Bay and spreading across Telara, but 2.2 introduces some other big elements to the world of Rift.

  • Try your luck in PvP at the Wheel of Fate: Danger and excitement await in this alternative Warfront mode as the Wheel of Fate randomly assigns combatants against each other in the field of war. Use your cannons to assault the Codex and attempt to seize capture points from your foes.
  • Special Anniversary Cape:  Mark two years of RIFT with a special Anniversary Cape. Buy this golden cape in the carnival prize store and show your pride to all.
  • PvP Planar Attunement Tier 2: Hit harder with a new tier of PvP PA. Unlock additional boosts to Valor and Vengeance, plus PvP-specific abilities to rule the day.
  • Planar Attunement Tier 3: Tier 3 PA has arrived! Loaded with extra weapon- and stat-based enhancements, T3 increases planar-themed buffs, adds powers including group/raid summons, and more.
  • Return to Telara this March:  Play for free from March 21 to March 25. Revisit your veteran high-level Ascended characters and experience all the awesome additions to RIFT since the launch of Storm Legion™.
  • Hard-Mode Raid Encounters: Generals of Air and Death re-emerge in new Hard Mode encounters set to test even the mightiest Ascended. Gelidra and Zaviel join Progenitor Saetos and Kain as the first Storm Legion bosses offering added risk for added reward!

There are also Anniversary subscriber bonuses. Between March 21st and April 4th, all subscribers will get 20% increases in the following..

  • Guild XP
  • Normal Kill XP or Planar Attunement (depending on character level)
  • Prestige
  • Favor
  • Planarite
  • Dungeon currency
  • Zone Event currency

Check out the trailer for The Carnival of the Ascended right here…

The Carnival of the Ascended has come to Tempest Bay, and as dragon piñatas and festive parades spread across Telara, Ascended young and old join in the festivities commemorating their victories over Crucia and her forces. While the threat of the Storm Legion still hovers in the distance, now is a time to renew, recharge, and be proud of the victories hard-won.

RIFT 2.2 sees the Carnival return with all-new games, rewards (yes, dragon balloons!) and zone events. Join in the fun, celebrate the second anniversary of RIFT, and dive into new tiers of Planar Attunement, new Warfront action, Hard Mode raids, and more!

Check out the full patch notes here. There are also some major class changes

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