Ryse Son of Rome Mars’ Chosen Pack releases February 28th

The second piece of Ryse Son of Rome DLC will release on February 28th. This piece of content is released as part of the Season Pass, or can be purchased separately for £7.19.

The Mars’ Chosen Pack will add a whopping five new maps, a brand new cooperative gameplay mode, Survival Mode, and a new character skin, The Legionary.

In Survival Mode, players battle alongside a fellow gladiator against endless waves of barbarians. Health can be regained by gaining quick kills and executions. The more waves you beat, the more gold and experience will be earned. However, health degrades faster the more waves you beat.

Two of the maps have been designed for Survival Mode and another map has been optimised to take advantage of it. Firestorm and Dockyard are Survival exclusive, whereas Courtyard has been adapted ever so slightly.

Pyramid and Obelisk will be playable on Arena Mode.

In preparation for launch, there will be ten days of sales for Ryse content, starting tomorrow with the launch of the Games on Demand version of Ryse for £34.99. More discounts will be announced between 25-27th February.


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