Slime-San Sheeple Sequel DLC releases February 5

Slime-San, a hardcore twitch-based platformer, will be getting its second DLC pack – Sheeple’s Sequel – on February 5th.

Heading to Steam first, with other platforms set to receive additional content soon, the content will feature a new, independent campaign from the original game that includes 20 base and 20 NG+ levels.

There will also be 5 remixed levels from the original game and two new play styles, being Shadow and Marble mode.

On top of that, you’ll get a new boss fight, speedrunning mode with leaderboards, new BUGS to collect and spend, an all new hub world, additional music, secrets and cutscenes, as well as some bug fixes.

For a DLC, it sounds pretty fulfilling and will be available to purchase for just $4.

It’s also been confirmed that the Switch, Xbox, and Playstation versions of Slime-San will receive the first DLC very soon, but no date confirmed as yet.

More as we get it.

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