Sniper Elite 4 gets first story trailer and Target Fuhrer preorder DLC

It’s Italy 1943. A country is being clenched by the iron fist of Mussolini and political instability is at an all-time high. But malcontent has begun to fester.

Sniper Elite 4 puts players back in the guise of Karl Fairburne who looks to help the country reclaim all that has been lost to them and fan the flames of resistance.

He’ll just be doing it from long range with a deadly weapon in his hands.

The first story trailer has finally landed for the game which releases on Valentines’ Day, but there certainly doesn’t appear to be much – if anything – romantic about it.

Get a load of this..

The game looks beautiful with plenty of detail in the planes, explosions, and creeping vines along the buildings. It also looks disturbingly accurate with the faction warfare and environmental invasions. Rebellion may just be onto another winner here.

You’ll also get a new campaign mission as pre-order content with Target Fuhrer, as well as 7 Camo Rifle Skins.

Snipe Elite 4 launches February 14th on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.


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