Spelunky Gets 8 new characters and 24 new maps

Platformer, Spelunky, just got a boat load of new content.

Spelunky is a fan favourite platformer. winning the hearts of many on XBLA. However, if you’ve got bored of cave diving, here’s an incentive to strap on that headlamp and jump right back into the game.

Two new content packs are now available for the Spelunky,  each one of the packs will set you back 160 MSP, but for the content you get, it’s a more than reasonable price.

Here are details on both of the expansions:

  • Arenas Expansion – Adds 24 brand new Deathmatch maps to the game.
  • Explorers DLC – Adds 8 new characters to the game that can be accessed in both the Adventure and Deathmatch modes.
    • The New Heroes Are:
    • Eskimo
    • Robot
    • Viking
    • Round Girl and Round Boy
    • Cyclops
    • Ninja
    • Golden Monk



Damn, that’s a lot of new content. The packs are available right now so just head over to the marketplace and pick them up if any of them tickle your fancy.

(source: Eurogamer)



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