State of Decay gets a title update but it doesn’t fix anything.

State of Decay, the digital zombie phenomenon that has sent XBLA gamers heads spinning with surprise, didn’t ship without a few issues. Many thought those initial teething problems would be fixed by a Title Update that went live on Friday.

Unfortunately, there appears to have been a bit of a hiccup..

Title Update 1 past certification and was quickly published by Microsoft. Fixes within the update varied and offered some welcome changes, including playable characters no longer being able to be killed by the simulation. Workshop repairs weapons and vehicles at game dawn rather than the next real-world day, as well as reduced cooldown times and translation issues.

All that is great, but unfortunately, the patch doesn’t appear to have been applied properly. While some users state that things have been fixed in game, Jeff Strain, Executive Producer at Undead Labs cites them as having ‘good luck.’

Undead Labs have tracked the bug all weekend, wondering if it might just be an occassional problem. However, they’ve realised that ‘people reporting improvements simply had good luck, not a fixed game.’

Undead Labs don’t know when things will be fixed as they ‘can’t directly fix the problem’, but they are working around the clock with Microsoft to get things fixed as soon as possible.

‘Although we can’t directly fix the problem, you are OUR players, and we’d like you to know we’re exploring ways to express our appreciation for your patience.’

There is talk that they may roll the fixes into Title Update 2, which looks to fix the ‘eternal loading’ bug.

Jeff Strain is quick to say that fans ‘deserve better than this’ and he is very apologetic for all the issues this has caused.

Did you notice the Title Update? Were you one of the lucky ones?

(Source: Game Informer)

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