Strike Suit Zero patch adds checkpoints and cockpit view

After listening to feedback from players and reviews, Born Ready Games have released a patch addressing several issues that the game had on launch.

One thing that was hindered SSZ was the checkpoint system, players were unable to leave the game midway through a level and resume where they started off, they would have to restart the entire level. Now there will be a save function added in so players can go back into the game where they left off.

Players will now be able to switch to cockpit view, giving them a first person view of the battle and not restricting them to the third person view. If the game is played with three monitors, first person view will work with all three monitors allowing for a better view of the battlefield.

The targeting system has been reworked and it is now possible to priorities certain targets. Some of the options are Torpedo, Fighter craft, Corvette, Capital ship, Wreckage and this will work alongside the original targeting system.

To accommodate for players of all skill sets three different difficulty levels have been added in; easy, normal and hard. Several of the difficulty spikes throughout the game have also been removed as a result of community feedback.

Born Ready Games released a video showing off the new features.

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