SWTOR Update: Return of the Gree

The Return of the Gree update is now live on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

This update brings in new events named Relics of The Gree, new items in the cartel market and bug fixes.

The new event will see players visit the Western Ice Shelf on Illum to explore the gree starship called the Gray Secant. PvE and PvP missions will be available throughout the event, players will earn reputation with the Gree and once high enough, they will be able to board the Gray Secant where the new boss of operations awaits.

Several new items are available for purchase at the Cartel Market; Space Pirate’s Pack, “It’s a Surprise!” and “I Love You” Jawagrams and a Hypercrate containing 24 Space Pirate Packs. There are new discounts on items such as the Blockade Runner Pack and the Major Experience Booster.

Full patch notes can be found here.

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