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Massive Battlefield 4 PS4 patch drops

A stonking PS4 patch for Battlefield 4 has dropped and aims to remove the huge amount of client crashes the game has been experiencing. We’ve already reported that DICE are putting all of their resources into fixing Battlefield 4. Clearly, they’re doing exactly that, as even though this major patch…


Battlefield 4 Gets Connected

With Battlefield 4 just around the corner developers DICE have revealed a new version of Battlelog wish a whole host of shiny new features for you FPS-em-up fans. New features include: Anytime, Anywhere – No matter where players go, Battlefield is always at their fingertips. Whether they’re heading home on the bus, taking…


EA E3 livestream and blog

EA are set to show off their upcoming library of games in just a few hours. We’re expecting Battlefield 4 and Dragon Age 3, as well as lots of sports, but we’ll also get to see what EA have done with their newly acquired Star Wars license and the strongly…