April DLC Release Schedule

It’s Spring and Q1 is officially over. That doesn’t mean the gaming season has all dried up, though. Check out April’s releases in the DLC scene. We say farewell to Rock Band, add a new character and level cap to Borderlands 2, turn Batman into a zombie, and get the…

Playstation 3

Saints Row 4 Will Enter The Dominatrix

Saints Row 4 hasn’t even been released, but fans of the ridiculous open worlder can already look forward to some exciting DLC action. Enter the Dominatrix; Originally planned to be released back in 2012 as an update to Saint Row: The Third will be coming as a director’s cut to…

Xbox 360

Halo 4 Getting Free Forge Map

All you Halo map builders rejoice. Announced at the Halo 4 Multiplayer PAX East Panel, Halo 4 is set to have its roster of forge maps bolstered by ‘Forge Island’ Best of all, it’s completely free! Detailed as a set of three islands, offering a series of large, medium and…