Call of Duty Ghosts Gets Chaos Mode

Those wonderful chaps and chapettes over at Infinity Ward have released a new patch for top-selling FPS-em-up Call of Duty: Ghosts. Not only does it have a veritable torrent of bug fixes and tweaks, they have managed to sneak a hidden gem in there. “It can’t be more exciting than…


Battlefield 4 ‘Death Shield’ Bug Discovered

That’s right folks, Battlefield 4 is suffering from yet another game breaking bug. Prolific Battlefield 4 Youtuber ‘Jack Frags’ who recently brought us the Megalodon discovery. Has discovered yet another bug to add the seemingly unending tide of issues plaguing EA’s headline multiplayer shooter. Although it may have initially been…

Content Update

Loadout 2.0 – Patch Review

Edge of Reality have done a good thing and listened to their Community. In Upgrade 2.0, we have a new map, Spires and a new game mode, Domination. On top of that, there are a few more weapon bits, more clothes I can’t have (micro-transactions aren’t my bag) and bug…