Recently released Temple Run 2 has just received its first major title update. It fixes quite a lot, including issues with lifetime stats and repetition of objectives.

Moving to version 1.0.1, Temple Run 2 has received the following fixes…

  • Improved performance on older devices
  • Added ability to skip the ‘Save Me’ screen
  • New leaderboard High Score, no ‘Save Me’
  • Fixed track pop-in
  • Fixed lifetime stats to be correct
  • Fixed bug which caused the same objective to be shown twice
  • Fixed a crash on launch bug
  • Fixed various bugs and made other minor improvements

The update is available to download right now!

If you haven’t downloaded Temple Run 2 yet, you’re in a very small minority and probably should get on that.

  • Ilia Lopatnev

    when temple run 2 just came out I seen quite few bugs,a bit annoying but now it got so much better when an update came out

  • Rod Bell

    Honestly! I’m a dad of three and am kicking the backside off 40. My youngest had left her Kindle Fire, with Temple Run 2 loaded, on the side on the chair. I picked it up and started, never playing it before. First two minutes I proclaimed to the room “This is a stupid game!”.

    Thirty minutes later I was swearing like a Frenchman “I Bloody jumped!”, “I swiped!”, “B*STARD MONKEY!”.

    Whoever created this sodding game has managed so send Meth across the Internet.

    All the best @Villordsutch

  • Jedscottc

    This game is so much better than the first, some mjor improvements which have made the game so much more enjoyable such as the graphics, perks and overall general enjoyment, keep up the good work! :)