Through all the talk of the Cloud, DRM, Digital Distribution and streaming videos on PS4 and Xbox One, both systems still have a lot to prove., the current-round of systems are in their golden years and are managing to produce some of their finest content yet.

It may not be in our best interests to give up on them just yet…

The announcement of Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, a Playstation 3 exclusive, is an exciting and encouraging one. However, it’s just one more reason for gamers to stick with this generation of systems for another year as opposed to jumping on the upgrade bandwagon this Christmas.

One thing is abundantly clear. Sony are far from done with the Playstation 3. Meanwhile Microsoft are drip-feeding the 360 to keep it alive for just a few more months. The Summer of Arcade is the most exciting, in-house event we have to look forward to on Xbox 360, whereas Playstation 3 has Beyond: Two Souls, Gran Turismo 6 and now Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, as well as all major third party releases coming over the  next few months.

Bold as it may be to say, the PS3 line-up at Christmas is a lot more attractive than PS4. But that’s as it should be. PS3 is still Sony’s current platform, it still holds their largest userbase and still has a lot left to give. But with the system still receiving a huge amount of attention, it  makes me wonder whether Sony were forced to move forward with PS4  ahead of schedule due to Microsoft’s own plans.

And with next-gen showing no signs of supporting backwards compatibility outside of re-purchasing games from the Cloud, this exciting line-up of games may have already hamstrung the launch of Sony’s newest platform.


You can’t write this system off either…

Throughout the lifecycle of PS3, people have been waiting for a Gran Tursimo that takes full advantage of the system’s power. Gran Turismo 6 looks as if it will be that game. With all the quips and quirks one would expect from the racer, on top of the incredible power and wealth of content, the game is sure to keep gamers busy for months to come.

Then we have a long-awaited new game from Quantic Dreams. Heavy Rain proved to be a bit of a hit on PS3 with gamers of all types and the title has gone down as one of the finest this generation. Its been a long time since then and Dave Cage and the team have been hard at work on Beyond: Two Souls ever since. The game boasts the star power of Ellen Paige & Willem DaFoe and naturally eagle-eyed gamers the world over are eager to get their mitts on it.

Now we’ve got Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus coming. A big, popular Playstation franchise with a major movie set for release in the next few years. That’ll make a lot of people happy.

You’ve also got the established userbase already in place for Battlefield, Call of Duty and FIFA on current gen systems, the three major titles of the moment. Will gamers want to take the gamble of upgrading to a new system their mates can’t afford or get hold of, or would they rather settle on the system everyone does have and just play on there? Add to that PES won’t be coming to next-gen and Saints Row IV is popping up before the end of the year and there’s even more reason to stick with your current hardware. Oh, and there’s that relatively small title being released in September. Grand Theft Auto V something…

Don’t forget The Last Of Us. There’ll still be a big audience for that around Christmas time. Chuck in Puppeteer, Rain and other indie titles on PSN, as well as the incredible PS Plus offerings every month, and one has to wonder whether people will see much value in upgrading right away.

You have to ask yourself. Has Sony’s overly generous consumer-focus actually come back to bite them in the butt?


…Or this one.

If you take all of that away from Playstation 4, what have you got left? The three main exclusives are Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Drive Club. Users will also be getting F2P titles Warframe and DC Universe Online, but both of those will have already appeared on other formats. The question is, at launch, are those titles enough to sell a system?

If they aren’t, will people just keep their current platforms and spend Christmas adding to their library? Or will they do the complete opposite and decide to move across to Xbox One?

Xbox One is housing some strong day-one exclusives, including Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Forza V, Loco Cycle and Kinect Sports Rivals. Microsoft have the benefit of not dividing their attention between three platforms and are putting all their eggs into one basket with Xbox One.

The system has also been confirmed to be the exclusive platform holder of Respawn’s first game, as well as being the sole console provider for Minecraft. And with all the controversial elements of the console now dropped, it seems a much more attractive investment for early adopters.


Under pressure to impress

Sony have played hardball with Microsoft since the start of the year. They went ahead and announced early. They’ve dictated the pace of this next-gen console race and tore their rivals apart at E3. Everytime Microsoft have tried to build momentum, Sony have smashed it back and brought things to their level.

However, the sales of a console will almost always be dictated by games. From the off, Xbox One will be offering more choice, but is that enough to divert people’s attention from present platforms, including Wii U.

Regardless, even if Vita and PS3 end up outselling their newest sibling, it’s still money in Sony’s pocket. It’s  fair to say that they’re going to have an incredible, healthy holiday season. Probably the most lucrative they’ve ever had.

It just feels as if the current-gen platforms have a bit too much life left in them - Playstation 3 in particular - and they may be the largest obstacle standing in the way of Christmas domination for Playstation 4 or Xbox One for that matter.

What are your thoughts? Are you sticking current-gen this Christmas? Are you upgrading? If so, what platform are you buying? Which games will you be getting?

  • Michael Clanton

    RAY, what a fanboy piece of crap. For one, sony always had exclusives…but no blockbusters like GOW or HALO…those are events, break records…and the HALO is the only exclusive that comes close to GTA and COD. So ps fans dont really buy the exclusives.
    Microsoft has always lived off of 3rd parties, so with your logic, cbox 360 wouldnt be nr1 in the number one money making territory by a long shot, and that is the USA,Heck there number one in Europe to.
    This article is so biased, based on opinion, lacks any credibility…there is a reason this site, and him are not relevant. He and this site is def a black mark on common sense, maturity, and looking at things….like facts. drop feeding…and how many exclusives are coming to ps3 next year? has the ps3 won the months sales yet? cherry picking things must be fun…even when they are mostly opinion and assumptions.

    • abberjam

      Xbox360 – 77,000,000 units worldwide. PS3 – 78,000,000 units worldwide. Its not much of a lead for PS3, but you seem like the anal type. Also, while it’s true that the 360′s THREE AAA exclusives tend to sell around 20% more than Sony’s equivalent AAAs. The total of 1st party AAA franchises on PS3 totally outstrips XBox360. God Of War, Gran Turismo and Uncharted to name only three have sold 110million between them compared to Gears, Halo and Forza reaching around 80 mil.
      I love both systems, I favor my Xbox for the online experience but I’m always impressed by the hardware and exlusives of PS3.

      You accuse the author of being a fanboy, but your tone and passion for 360s “record-breaking” make you sound far more of a fanboy. So given your strong implication that fanboyism somehow belittles a person, perhaps you should take a long, hard look in the mirror, hmmm?

      • clearwoodbellawater

        good attitude, both systems have something to offer for someone, and i look at it like you do, 360 is a system for online mp, and sony is the perfect system for variety and single player experiences, which is why i’m a sony person for this gen and next so far, microsoft would have to create about a dozen great single player experiences to really get even neck & neck with sony in my eyes….the only problem i have with microsoft (that i am fairly passionate about) is the amount of buggy hardware and software that they release, i’ve had nothing but bad luck in that arena when it comes to microsoft, so i personally would never buy one of their systems at launch….but in a few years if they really do grow their exclusive stable like they claim to be doing then i would be down to check it out (assuming that the drm practices stay out of the picture)

  • heavenshitman1

    I’ve got a WiiU (and a PC) won’t need a PS4 or XBOX One. Will have every major title WiiU will dish out and some 3rd parties, maybe Watch dogs, Splinter Cell, Deus Ex etc..
    WiiU has struggled a lot, but for most intents and purposes it’s still millions ahead of the competitors with a winning handheld backing it up. Come Christmas WiiU will still be clearly cheapest, with most it’s woes dealt with in terms of the weak OS, and a better games library etc.. Hopefully Nintendo will reveal some funky titles later, as the hardware cabalities in terms of the gamepad have barely been touched yet. Who remembers the very first online WiiU trailer?.

  • abberjam

    I agree with everything you said about the PS3, Ray, but I beg to differ on the PS4. Sony have a strong launch line-up and have said there is much more to come at Gamescon. You must remember that a lot of Sony’s E3 was dedicated to showing their indie-focus. Also, they are offering a HUGE insentive by giving PS+ members free downloads of Drive Club, Outlast, Secret Ponchos and Don’t starve to kick off the PS4.

    You said you wonder whether Sony were forced to move forward with PS4 ahead of schedule, but quite the opposite seemed the case at E3 with nearly every game on stage AND on the floor running on legit Dev kits, whilst Microsoft were running everything on windows 7 using high-end PCs with Nvidia GTX-780, far more powerful than the XBones AMD chipset.
    Looks to me like someone OTHER than Sony was feeling the pressure to perform.

    As for the concern that people may not adopt the next gen so quickly, all PS4 launch consoles and all FOUR launch bundles have sold out at both Amazon and Gamestop within 3 weeks of going to market, alongside the launch edition of Xbox One.

    Nothing future is certain, but what is certain in the here and now is that the next generation has made a strong start on both sides of the fence and in particular the PS4.

  • Sohail R

    Y no mention of GTA V , watch dog, Assassins creed 4 , destiny as well on PS3

  • clearwoodbellawater

    i see some of your logic behind the article for sure, there are a lot of classic and new ip’s coming to the last hurrah for the ps3, but i think that’s the main reason people will stick with the ps3, and can also look at the end of this gen as indicative to the end of the next, knowing they are making a more sound investment in terms of games by going with the system that is proven to have the best exclusives, along with all of the great third parties….as far as the two launch lineups, you have sony at “Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Drive Club” and microsoft at “Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Forza V, Loco Cycle and Kinect Sports Rivals”….two problems with your logic behind those numbers are this, firstly you made a point to mention lococycle, which will be more of a boutique downloadable title, but you’ve neglected to mention sony’s analogues to that title, which are vast….sony’s indie support is unparalleled at the launch of this gen, and titles like outlast & octodad are big gets for them….i’m not sure how many of these indies are making launch w/o doing some digging, but i can guarantee that more than one will, so if we are including indies, then sony’s launch will automatically grow exponentially….also, the dcuo and warframe titles you mentioned are going along the same lines, and they (at least dcuo that i know of) will be free to ps4 purchasers, as well as drive club, whereas the one will have no free games like this outside of killer instinct, which isn’t technically free if you want to experience even a fraction of the game…..second flaw in the logic is that you aren’t allowing for any big announcements from either company for the rest of the year, which is not the case, both companies claim they will have a presence at gamescom, and sony always seems to bring good stuff to tgs….i’m personally of the mind that sony might be holding back one more big title….sony;s launches have never been about quantity, but quality….look back to the last few launches, and you see that microsoft usually has a good amount of launch titles, but very few of those games have any legs, seeming to be more of a glorified tech demo than good quality games….i feel like Ryse will be that this year, the obtrusive qte’s and the troublesome development couple with many accounts of ragged gameplay from the e3 demo, and it’s not painting a pretty picture….as far as dead rising 3, i feel like the zombie game has already been perfected, and anyone who plays this after the last of us will probably leave them wanting…it could be a fun arcade style game, but by most accounts they are presenting it in a more serious and dark manner, which goes against the grain that most fans enjoyed from the first two….games that also didn’t stay exclusive for long *at least in the case of the second title…..i feel like it’s hard to count sony out as far as launch variety at this point, microsoft was more likely to blow their load at e3 to hide some of the drm practices they were having to unveil, whereas sony have plainly stated that they have a long roll out plan for the ps4, either way, gamers cant fault sony for releasing actual games for their current systems instead of trying to push everybody out of the pool for adult swim time….we will have a clearer picture in a few months i’d say

    • abberjam

      Its worth noting that until now, World of Tanks is the ONLY F2P game announced outside of the “Gold” paywall. Every other F2P so far has been behind it and no others have been announced. Sony however has, of course, had free multiplayer on EVERYTHING thus far and while they have deemed to make $200 worth of free games per month compulsory for a $5 subscription on PS4, they have 4 F2Ps at launch, all outside of the paywall. Sony have said that the paywall placing for F2P games is at each developers discretion.

      You’re spot on, Clearwood, with Xbox’s position on exclusives. Only 3 have survived the test of time, maybe four. Sony’s longterm exclusives currently stand at over ten or so. As for next Gen launch, Xbox has shown one AAA exclusive which if we’re honest was a bit “fur coat and no knickers” and the rest were, yet again, sequels Titanfall does NOT count as its rumoured to be a timed exclusive and Respawn are “not in a position to comment” ie gagged by contract NDA. Sony showed 2 Sequels and the rest were all new and in true Sony fashion they catered for EVERYONE, not just the 16-30 CoDites. Knack – brand new, Drive club – brand new, The Order – brand new,

      As for the continued PS3 exclusives, I can only add to what Clearwood has already said. ND just dropped “The Last Of Us”, Sony just announced Ratchet & Clank:”Through the Nexus” (which almost looks next-gen btw) The Puppeteer is set to drop before the year is out and Gran Turismo 6 is ready to cross the starting line – So there’s at least 4 more AAA exclusives before the year is out.

      Xbox 360 has…………World of Tanks? Also worth noting that after 360 launched, microsoft dropped Xbox support like a large 4kg brick. Despite a half-hearted assurance that M$ plans to “support 360 in the coming years. Right now they’re not showing a strong demonstration of that support.
      As I stated before, if anything I put more playtime on my 360 right now, but that is going to change very soon. It won’t matter to me if the 360 loses software support because from November, its simply going to be gathering dust…..and for the record, my PS3 won’t be, despite sitting next to it’s younger, more powerful sibling.

      • clearwoodbellawater

        totally agreed on all fronts, very well said….serious gamers look to the amount of new games at the end of a generation on the ps3 and the lack on the 360 as a boon for the ps4, not a detraction….and the variety of the games that sony has already announced, combined with the inevitable future announcements make it a better environment for those that don’t exclusively game cod online