The Republic DLC Released For Crusader Kings 2

Today, Crusader Kings 2 received three DLC installments, entitled The Republic, Songs of Prosperity and Mediterranean Portraits.

The developers, Paradox Interactive, confirmed their release via their blog. Crusader Kings 2 also received a patch and development diary for the DLC.

The Republic brings in the medieval Mercantile Republic. Players will be able to play as the head of a Patrician family as part of a merchant Republic. They will also be competing with Patrician families for the position of Doge and the leadership over the Republic. Trade posts can be constructed and improved to increase trade so a family can make more money. New skins, unique clothes and ship models are also available to the Republic.

Songs of Prosperity contains three new songs, composed by Andreas Waldetoft. These can be listened to while playing as the Republic

  • A Tuscan Night
  • Florence
  • A Ballad for Maria

Finally, Mediterranean Portraits adds new clothing and thousands of unique face combinations for both sexes while playing a Mediterranean Nation.

The below dev diary explains a little more about the thinking behind The Republic expansion.

The Republic is available today from all major download distributors for $9.99.

(Source: Paradox Interactive)

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