Vikings aren’t allowed to relax. Or are they?

Vikings aren’t big on relaxing, but in the upcoming DLC for When Vikings Attack, apparently we’re still going to see the lighter side of the horn-headed herculeans.

This light-hearted DLC will feature ideas and concepts that weren’t quite an appropriate fit for the main game. This includes 10 vs mode levels, each built around a fun-time environmental hazard, such as mini-golf courses and pinball machines.

There will also be a wave-based survival mode, along with ten new characters and six new trophies.

Yeah, this doesn’t sound like anything we saw in the original game, but if you don’t believe me then check out the trailer…

The DLC is a cross-buy, so if you buy on PS3, you’ll get it free of charge on Vita. Pretty cool, right?

When Vikings Relax is available now, and also coincides with a new patch for both PS3 and PSVita versions of the game. The patch adds much requested features such as ad-hoc support for local play on Vita  and full cross-platform invites for PS3 and Vita users making it even easier for players on both formats to play together.

(Source: PSBlog)


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