WibiData, a new application developer, have decided to do something a little different in the search for talented staff.

Instead of traditional interviews and tests, wannabe devs must jump into a virtual representation of the WibiData offices and recover the CEO pin code, Portal 2 style. Yes, the Wibifolks have hired Doug Hoogland, the man behind the amazing proposal mod, to whip up a bunch of new brain teasing puzzles to sort the app developing wheat from the chaff.

WibiData CEO, Christophe Bisciglia, said about the Valve masterpiece

“It makes me feel like I exercise the same part of my brain that programming and problem-solving does.”

There is even a co-op section, where you and a friend can puzzle out in the search for jobs and loot. What’s more, if you test with a friend, you could earn a cool 1,000 bucks if they get hired (not too shabby).

There’s also a GlaDOS-like evil AI complete with scathing put downs! Christophe Bisciglia went on to say

“I think a lot of people will think, ‘That’s really cool that they created a video game to recruit people. I want to work there,’”

I agree with him and can’t wait for my Skyrim mod interview for a job at Starbucks…

You can check out the mod yourself and maybe even score yourself a job here

(Source: New York Times)