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  1. bigevilworldwide February 17, 2013 @ 7:12 pm

    Who cares honestly……There is NO achievement/trophy system so you don’t actually need multiple profiles…….That was the entire point of having multiple profiles signed is cause people would cry about not being able to get achievements. You don’t need your own profile for split screen MP

    • This might be another case where Nintendo has left it up to the game developer if they want multiple sign ins for a given game.

  2. is this just for online multplayer or does it work for local miltplayer to?

  3. Thats Dumb AF!!!
    How could you make light of this bigevilworldqide??? You must be an only child or don’t have children of your own. My kids played Mario Cart 8 together unlocking everything only to find out it’s only under one user. My youngest son have to unlock everything under his user name now. They both started Pokemon created their trainer yet they cant pit their trained pokemons against one another. I’m not buying two systems so they can!!!


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