Zombie Modes swarming all upcoming Wargaming titles

Nope, this one isn’t an April Fool.

In all upcoming Wargaming titles, Zombie Mode will be playing a very important role.

Wargaming titles have been all about PvP, whether you’re involved in World of Tanks or World of Warplanes.

Today, Wargaming have announced the first PvE modes for its games. In them, Players will have to fend off hordes of AI-controlled zombies.

Andrew Yarantsau, VP of Global Operations at Wargaming had this to say.

“The first time one of our game designers brought up using zombies, we immediately brushed it aside, but after thorough analysis, we determined it would be a great feature to implement in all our games. It’s a completely new gameplay element, attractive to both current players and new gamer audiences.”

World of Tanks will receive a Zombie Escort Survival Modes. Players will navigate from one area of the map to the other, while ploughing through hordes of zombies. The Undead army will be able to infect tank crew, damage external modules and even block the main gun.

Meanwhile, in World of Warplanes, zombies will be seen as natural (or unnatural?) gameplay elements. If a tail gunner gets hit, they turn into a zombie, but can cause twice as much damage as the default gunner mode. The AI will also remember the player that killed the tail gunner, and will deliberately target that warplane until its destroyed.

World of Warplanes will also receive dendro-zombies that roam in the woodlands. If a plane flies too low, there is a likelihood that a zombie will stick to one of the wings, immediately affecting maneuverability and top speed.

“If a zombie is hanging on one of the wings, the best thing to do is to reverse course and fly over the trees again. Hopefully a zombie will get stuck to the other wing and you’ll regain balance,” says Anton Sitnukau, World of Warplanes producer.

The zombie modes will feature in an upcoming update for the game.

To whet your appetite, check out this developer diary.


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