Man O’ War Corsair 0.7 offers two free DLC packs

Evil Twin Artworks prove they’re not actually evil by giving the Man O’ War Corsair community two free DLC packs.

The sea-based, naval combat-em-up is based on a Games Workshop board game where you play a Rogue Captain of the Empire or Champion of Chaos, sailing across the Great Western Ocean.


You can hire wizards and other magical beasts to help you, travel the environment across a wide range of ports, and gather lots of juicy loot.

Corsair has been in Early Access since April and as a thank you to the community for their incredible support, the team are offering Reik’s Fashion DLC which lets players dress in a Shark Hat, as well as the Helm of the Skaven Slayer and more.


They’re also providing the Fledgling Griffon which brings a beautiful flying creature into the game to offer good luck to the crew and boost their morale. Her presence is almost certain to be crucial to all your future adventures.


The game is set to receive loads more content in the coming weeks – including Dark elves – and will have more to show and offer in the coming weeks.

Man O’ War Corsair is available in Early Access right now.

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