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Loot Hero DX – EXP Analysis

Loot Hero DX in Byte-Size A nice, easy-to-play, diversionary game, Loot Hero DX is fun, but sadly fleeting. Can be played on almost any machine. Ported quite nicely onto PC from mobile. It’s a simple premise. You play a jousting knight who runs through a sea of baddies until he reaches…


Tembo the Badass Elephant – Expanalysis

When looking at the developer and publisher history, you could expect something very special here. Sadly this isn’t the case. It’s not special on either end of the quality scale, it’s not awful, it’s not brilliant, it is plain, it is vanilla. It’s more Tembo the Average Elephant than anything else.

As We Play

Costume Quest 2 – As We Play

Format – PC Version – 1.01 Just in time for Halloween, Costume Quest 2 arrives on Steam with its would-be friendly appearance, and over the top enemies, all dashed off with some adult humour.  But does it gel as well together as it did the first time around? Graphics With…