All You Need To Know About LEGO 2K Drive: Editions, DLC, Content and More

Next week sees the launch of a LEGO game outside of Traveller’s Tales, which is hugely significant.

No more are we just tailoring LEGO games around films and TV shows but now we have a genuine rival to Mario (and Garfield) Kart.

LEGO 2K Drive arrives on all formats and is looking pretty ace indeed. We already covered its Year 1 Drive Pass but there’s also a bunch of content available from launch.


LEGO 2K Drive is releasing on PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series, and Switch on May 19th. Certain editions of the game also enable you to unlock it 3 days early on May 16th.

Who’s developing/publishing?

It’s developed by Visual Concepts and will be published by 2K.

How many Editions are there?

Depending on console, there’s a Cross-Gen Standard Edition, Awesome Edition and Awesome Rivals Edition.

Will there be DLC?

Yep, there’s a Year 1 Drive Pass full of content through to Spring 2024. At launch, there’s also a bunch of DLC for various different editions.

Tell me about the game

LEGO 2K Drive lets you build your dream vehicles via a customisation garage, drive them around and even take part in a story or cup series. The game will have crossplay across all formats, there’s splitscreen and online multiplayer, and even an option to share your creations coming post launch. The game also includes some unique mini games themed around defense and rescue.

Anything else we should know?

It’s one of the first LEGO Games being made outside of an attached IP in years and the first made alongside 2K.


Standard Editions

The Standard Edition includes the Cross-Gen base game (if you’re on PlayStation or Xbox) and the Aquadirt Racer Pack DLC. This includes

  • Aquadirt Racer Street Car
  • Aquadirt Racer Off-road Car
  • Aquadirt Racer Boat

Awesome Editions

The Awesome Edition includes all the above, as well as the Year 1 Drive Pass, 3 Days Early Access, 550 Coins to spend in game and the Awesome Bonus Pack which includes…

  • Wheelie Stunt Driver Minifigure
  • Machio Beast Vehicle
  • Vehicle Flair

Awesome Rivals Editions

This again includes all of the above as well as the Awesome Rivals Bonus Pack which features

  • Royal Sailor
  • Royal Outtaliner
  • Royal People Rover Street Car
  • Reckless Scorpion Stunt Driver Minifigure
  • Hamburghini Royale
  • Vehicle Flair

Year 1 Drive Pass

A Year 1 Drive Pass will feature four seasons of content, running through to Spring 2024, and is included in the Awesome Edition and Awesome Rivals Edition.

Season 1 will launch in June and will kickstart new challenges and levels to play through. Each season adds free rewards and these change from Season to Season.

This includes new drivers, stickers, flairs, and sounds. There will also be a new biome within the first year of launch.

A Premium Drive Pass is also available to purchase individually for each season or overall as part of the Year 1 Pass.  These allow you to earn even more rewards, such as new vehicles from popular manufacturers.

Purchasing the Year 1 Pass will also add ‘the Awesome Pizza Vehicle’ and ‘550 coins’ to spend at ‘Unkie’s Emporium’.

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