Clash of Clans 6.56.1 adds clan castle renovations and more

A major Clash of Clans update has gone live today. The whopping 53.4mb update brings Clash of Clans to 6.56.1 and it’s a doozy.

For one, Fight Clan versus Clan in Strategic Showdowns is now full of bonus loot. You can also fill your clan’s War Log with the details of every fight and there has also been Clan castle renovation.

Here’s the full changelog for Clash of Clans 6.56.1

– Fight clan versus clan in strategic showdowns full of bonus loot!
– Fill your clan’s War Log with the details of each epic fight!
– Participate in clan wars at no risk to your resources, shield or trophies.

Clan castle renovation

– Rally huge clan support with Clan Castle Level 6!
– Clan Castles now protect war loot payouts and are lootable in battle!
– Higher level Clan Castles hold more loot. Collect it whenever you like!

Some big changes, then. How have you gotten on with these? Have they affected your game?

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