Overwatch Legendary Edition offers all DLC and updates on Switch with 15 bonus skins

Overwatch is absolutely definitely coming to Switch, Blizzard’s second game on Nintendo’s hybrid machine.

Following in the footsteps of Diablo 3, Overwatch Legendary Edition releases on October 15, including all DLC and updates for the game.

Out of the box, you’ll be able to play as 31 Unique Heroes across 28 locations in various different Arcade and Quick Play modes.

The Workshop even lets you build custom games using scripting tools, with tons more content to come in the future.

Those who pre-order will get a Noire skin for Widowmaker, and if you log into Overwatch on Switch by December 31, you’ll get a Golden Loot Box.

What’s more you’ll get 15 bonus skins and 3 months Nintendo Switch Online membership for your £34.99. Pretty sweet.

Switch version will also include gyroscopic motion controls on certain heroes, letting you tilt and turn the console to line up shots as McCree and pilot D.Va in flight.

It’s crazy to me that Overwatch is going to be packed into Switch and yet, here we are. Even before Hearthstone pops up on the console.

Overwatch Legendary Edition releases October 15th! Which is, incidentally, the same day as The Switcher 3. Good lord…

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