Ship of Fools Great Lighthouse update focuses on end game content, new Fools DLC also added

Team 17 and Fika Productions have just launched a huge free update for Ship of Fools.

The Great Lighthouse Update includes new quests, a new difficulty, achievements, and a bunch of new items.

Unlocked after beating the final boss and rescuing NPCs, the new challenge unlocks, opening the Great Lighthouse Door. The aim? Restoring the Entity of Light.

There’s plenty of reward attached to the risk, though, with plenty of unique rewards available for players.

In addition, the first premium DLC is available for the game which provides you with two new fools to play in Sea of Fools.

Angus the Angler fish and Jules the diver each come with their own heirloom items with passive abilities. Deep Sea Duo is available for  £3.99/$4.99/€4.99.

More updates are also being prepped for Sea of Fools in September, alongside The Great Lighthouse update coming to consoles.

Sea of Fools is out now across all formats.

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