Super Bomberman R 2.0 Grand Prix eSports update now available

A surprise Super Bomberman R Grand Prix and eSports themed update is now live for Nintendo Switch.

Konami have added this to the game in the hopes of encouraging an eSports community in the future, adding 3 v3 game modes as well as lots of new characters, including a Goemon Bomber, Dracla Bomber, Anubis Bomber and the rather disturbing looking Bubble Head Bomber.

The aim is pitting two teams of 3 players against each other in various arena stages with new abilities across several different matches. The first – Crystal Match – has two teams competing for the most points by collecting crystals. If you’re hit by a bomb, though, you’ll lose half your share. The other – Basic Bomber Match – uses standard Bomberman rules with each team starting with a set number of lives.

Up to 6 Nintendo Switch consoles can be connected for Grand Prix mode for a Network battle which certainly lends itself to the eSports ethos. Will Konami be the first to properly explore that for Nintendo?

World 7 has also been added to the Story Mode along with a variety of other new stages and accessories.


Super Bomberman R is the gift that seemingly keeps giving. A Nintendo Switch launch title back in March, Konami seem far from done supporting this little gem which has improved with each and every update, adding on their Facebook page “The future is bright for Bomberman”

More as we get it.

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