Telltale’s: The Walking Dead returns for a Second Season!

Hello there, fellow survivors! Thought you were safe from the Walkers were you? Well, not anymore! The dead are banging on the doors, they’re breaking away your barricades! It won’t be long until they break into your homes, and you’ll be forced to run once more!

That’s right, Telltale’s: The Walking Dead is shambling back for a second season!

Once more, you’ll be pitted against the undead hordes of Robert Kirkman’s world. This time however, you’ll be playing as some different. This time, you’ll be playing as Clementine, the little girl forced to grow up in the middle of the apocalypse. Left to fend for herself, she must learn to survive in a world where there is threats around every corner, and not all of them are undead…

Telltale’s: The Walking Dead will be released sometime within the next month, although you can pre-order it now from Telltale’s Online Store, or via Steam. Both give you a 10% discount on the price, but if you pre-order via Telltale’s Online Store, you will also receive a Collector’s DVD at the end of the series.

Until then, enjoy yourselves with this Teaser.

Stay safe out there, Survivors!

And remember…Keep that hair short.

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