The Expanse: A Telltale Series Episode Three: First Ones – Review

This game just got into its groove and those stakes got suitably raised.

From the very opening, you get the vibe that something big is about to go down. That not everything is at it seems, and a twist in the tale is coming.

But the thing I wasn’t prepared for is how intimate, personal, and isolating the episode is. How laser- focused it is. Which is both the most perfect setting after the conclusion of Episode Two and adds all the more weight and impact for what follows

This is the Telltale I remember, the ones unafraid to take chances, risks, but equally put you right in the Director’s Chair and make it clear this is your call to make. You may not have all the facts in the moment, you may not even really know what’s going on, and you may be completely torn, but it’s still up to you to make the decisive call.

And I wouldn’t say this episode has that specific moment here, not quite, but there is a clear timeline of Camina Drummer being her usual tongue in cheek but determined self, slowly switching to this completely different person who is reacting to her discoveries in real-time. And you are caught somewhere in the middle.

By the time the credits rolled, I’d felt a real rollercoaster of emotion which somehow took an even bigger turn afterwards. I always like to look at my episode summaries, to see how my choices compare to others or what other decisions can be made in that moment. To my complete shock, I discovered another outcome of a pivotal moment in this episode that goes a completely different way. Honestly, there was a part of me that wanted to reboot my entire playthrough of the series up to that point just to see it.

But I have to stick to this playthrough. I have to see this through now, no matter how I’m feeling. Still, you’re probably sensing this is the first time Telltale got me with this series and that I’m basically destined to play this all through at least one more time now.

That means The Expanse has really arrived, for me, at least. And it’s not just because we’re finally stopping floating through space to scavenge parts – there’s still a degree of that but less of the focus – but now we’re traipsing through a seemingly abandoned ship, with tension lurking around every corner.

Now we’re learning more about the wider world through information capsules, audio logs, and environmental hazards. We’re hearing the characters talk about their lives beyond the ship, understanding a bit more about their dreams and aspirations.

This episode was great and felt plucked right out of the TV show. A suitable blend of action, traversal, discoveries, twists, and some important decisions that you’ll chew over for a little bit. And then that ending….

Can it be September 7th yet, please?


First Ones got me good and really reminded me of the Telltale of old. They hit with reveals, twists, action, suspense, drama, but also mystery solving and a bit of humor for good measure. The stakes just got suitably raised and the stage is truly set for the final two episodes. It’s getting real interesting in space, folks. 


+ A really well-written, intimate episode that explores many complex themes
+ Some great discoveries and learnings that add to ominous atmosphere
+ Well paced, good blend and exploration throughout the episode
+ Weighty decision making that lends itself to a replay


– I still get a bit motion sick with this zero gravity

The Expanse: A Telltale Series Episode Three: First Ones Review

9 out of 10

Code kindly received from Telltale Games for Review Purposes

Review for Episode One and Episode Two

Episode Four – Impossible Objects – Releases September 7th.

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