Wizards Unite is getting new skill trees, books, and charms that will add bonus Traces and Spell Energy

Year 2 has officially begun in Wizards Unite as WB Games have revealed some exciting new features.

With more information expected later this week, players can soon expect to level up new skill trees that will aid them in the overworld.

SOS Training is coming to the game and irrespective of profession, you can learn new lessons that will affect the quality of spells, potion brewing, and departure rate of foundables.

From Level 4 onwards, you can choose which skills to invest in and the best part is that your skills can also benefit others.

To unlock these skills, there will be three new book types added into the game – Field Guides, Ministry Manuals, and Defense Against The Dark Arts Books. These can be gathered by placing images in the registry and taking part in events.

What’s more, there are new spells coming into the game which create Trace Charms that affect the overworld. There’s an Inn Charm to gives extra Spell Energy on the map when near an inn.

There’s also a Greenhouse Charm that conjures rare potion ingredients. You can even cast a charm on existing Traces to see even more that were previously hidden on the map.

More details are expected throughout July. Meanwhile, there’s a Brilliant Event starting tonight to whet your appetite for what’s to come!

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