World of Warplanes 1.1 now live

Recently launched World of Warplanes has received its first major update. 1.1 adds an enormous amount of content to the game, including 14 aircraft, two battle arenas and new tiered achievements.

Mostly, technical and gameplay balance issues have been addressed, but there is also a new line of craft available to fly.

Fighters such as nine Focke-Wulf warplanes and premium aircraft, like the Russian Curtiss P-40 M-105 are making an appearance in this update and will add refreshing new gameplay experiences.

There are also two new battle arenas – Adriatic and Castle – which add new achievements and customisation items, as well as refined mouse and keyboard controls.

What’s more, if you log into the game between December 23rd and January 16th, you’ll receive a free plane, the Curtiss Model 68C Hawk III, available exclusively through this event.

The update is available to download right now

(Via Connected Digital World)

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