Xenoblade Chronicles 2 1.3.0 New Game + update coming March 2

The massive New Game + Update for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 1.3.0 is due March 2 and Nintendo have given us all the details.

This will be more than a standard New Game + mode however, as Monolith Soft’s Tetsuya Takahashi stresses there will be a few new features.

Before we go into details, there will be some minor gameplay spoilers ahead.

In order to play New Game Plus, the original game must be completed and have a save file from the save screen after the ending. You cannot play New Game Plus using data from a new game started after completing the game.

In addition to an Easy Mode being added to the game difficulty and original game difficulty level being kept as Normal Mode, there’s new sorting options for Accessories, Aux Cores and Blade lists and the mini map can display icons set up on the Skip Travel screen.

As for the rest of the game, Akhos, Patroka and Mikhail, as well as The Blades from Torna will be able to join the player’s party as well. All you have to do is resonate with Core Crystals or meet them in quests, meaning you could actually get them very early on in the game. All Blades can also be dispatched on Merc Missions.

There will also be further growth factors to unlock in the Driver’s Affinity Charts and you can decreate your Drivers’ level at inns while gaining bonus experience. The level 4 Special of a certain blade will also be unlocked.

In full, the following data will carry over to New Game Plus from your original save.

  • Level of Drivers.
  • Equipment and Affinity Charts of Drivers and Blades.
  • Resonated Blades.
  • Obtained items and gold.
  • Development levels of cities and Merc Group level.
  • Content in the Event Theater and Unique Monster defeat status.

Note: quests, Heart-to-Hearts, Skip Travel points, and cleared Merc Missions will be reset.

In addition, if you purchased the Expansion Pass then you’ll be able to get a new Blade and Quest as well as some new battle content.

The free Xenoblade Chronicles 2 1.3.0 update goes live on March 2.

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