4 ways to fund an independent film for international audiences

Independent films are ideal opportunities for budding producers and screenwriters to introduce themselves to the world.

You will endure some costs as far as getting proper permits, equipment and props but you can obtain donated items or free items from local websites to help reduce the cost of costumes and props.

Seek out interns and volunteer extras

Interns can help with videography, lighting, sound and editing. Some acting interns may volunteer to take on major roles and others may volunteer for roles as extras.

You can also audition members of the local community for volunteer positions and roles to help produce the film with no out-of-pocket cost.

You would be surprised at those by those willing to be in a film just to have their faces shown and names in the credits.

Private Investor

Pitch your vision to potential investors. Your storyline has to be captivating. It has to have something dramatic that really catches the attention of the investor.

If he or she is bored with your idea, chances are that no money will flow your way for funding. You have to show enthusiasm and be excited about what you want to create. If you do not believe in your own project, an investor isn’t going to either.

When pitching to investors, smile and make eye contact. Have confidence in your tone, but do not appear arrogant. Dress for the occasion and always maintain a professional demeanor.

Do not seem desperate, no matter what the circumstances are. This is an immediate turn off.

Obtain a Personal Loan

If you are seeking ways to make a budget-friendly film, or with no budget, chances are your credit is less than perfect. You may not be able to retain a large loan to make your film, which may put the whole project on-hold.

Finding the right lender for your credit situation may be hard, you can try working with a company like The Money Hub as an example, to see what types of loans your credit history approves you for.

If you have poor credit, you are likely to be subject to paying higher interest rates.

Take a Second Mortgage on your Home

This is an extreme measure, but in some cases you may want to do all you can to complete a project. A second mortgage should really be used to renovate your home or get out of debt, rather than create more of it that may never be gotten back.

That said, it is an option and should provide enough funding to pay video production staff, buy costumes, pay major role actors and purchase stage equipment/props.

Creating an independent film can make a large impact, depending on the subject matter. Once you have completed the filming and editing, make several DVD-format copies and submit them to multiple independent film theaters and festivals.

You may end up having a real winner that becomes highly-acclaimed and recognized. Independent films can win major awards, always keep that in mind. The more composed, well-written and acted out films get the most attention.

Pay attention to every detail.

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