World of Tanks 1.1 Xbox 360 now available

World of Tanks 1.1 Xbox 360 has gone live today and adds a bunch of new content to the main game.

A new map is available, as well as the addition of Crews and five brand new British tanks.

Crews lets you deck out tanks with a crew. You can recruit partial or fully-trained members, and assign new skills and perks to them. You can also select perks and skills that suit your techniques. Also, any XP earned prior to the update will be added and accumulated to your score.

Also new is the Himmelsdorf map, which focuses on warfare in a courtyard and a race to Eastern Hill.

The five new tanks also added to the game are, as follows…

  • Cromwell: a tier VI tank bent on destruction.
  • Comet: at tier VII, a force to be reckoned with.
  • Centurion I: weighing in at tier VIII, this tank is a blast!
  • Centurion 7/1: tier IX, all teeth.
  • FV4202: at tier X, this tank is terrifying to the enemy!

The update is available right now and will automatically download when you launch World of Tanks

(Source WorldofTanks)

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