Back to the Future Special DLC Pack is coming to Powerwash Simulator

I’m running 88 miles per hour to the digital storefronts in the hopes of pre-ordering this one.

A Back to the Future DLC is coming to Powerwash Simulator and it looks absolutely fantastic.

Following Spongebob Squarepants, Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy, the next major crossover comes from one of the biggest film and IPs in the world and it sounds awesome.

Featuring five new maps inspired by the trilogy, you’ll be able to clean up various movie sets and props, such as Doc Brown’s van, the Hill Valley Clocktower, Doc’s Time Train, and, of course, the Time Machine itself.

The DLC is being shown at PAX West this week and seems like a real homage to the classic trilogy. Quite how FuturLab and Square Enix are pulling off these amazing collaborations is anyone’s guess, but I hope they don’t stop anytime soon.

The Back to the Future Special Pack is due to release some time in 2023 across all formats.

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