South Park: The Fractured But Whole Season Pass Review

With South Park: The Fractured But Whole’s Season Pass now complete, we take a look at all the DLC within and see if it’s worth the asking price.

What’s inside the Season Pass?

How do you access it?

A DLC bus stop within the game allows you to access Danger Deck, Bring The Crunch, and From Dusk Til Casa Bonita. In order to attempt the content, you should be around 350 Might for Casa Bonita and 500 Might for Bring The Crunch. Danger Deck can be attempted at any point and even offers items to increase strength and tackle some of the harder sections.

Relics of Zaron costumes and relics can be collected from the chest in your room.

What does it add to the game?

  • From Dusk Til Casa Bonita adds the Netherborn Class with abilities such as the Ghastly Grasp and Soul Slash and the Ultimate – Dire Shroud. You can also gain Henrietta as a companion, and an entire story-based mission.
  • Bring The Crunch adds the Last Girl Class who uses Garden Shears and Chainsaws to cut through enemies. You can also gain Mintberry Crunch as a companion and an entire story-based mission.
  • Danger Deck adds new locations to South Park and increasingly challenging battles against an assortment of enemies. Victory ensures players receive new items and costumes which can be used throughout any playthrough.
  • Relics of Zaron adds costumes and perks to the Fractured But Whole from Stick of Truth, including the King, Princess Kenny, and Grand Wizard Cartman costume sets from Stick of Truth, as well as the Wreath of Elf Ears and Alien Probe MK.II artifacts.
  • Towelie is an in-game tutorial assistant who makes humorous commentary

How much does it all cost?

  • The RRP of the Season Pass is £24.99
  • Relics of Zaron costs £3.99
  • Danger Deck costs £4.99
  • From Dusk Til Casa Bonita costs £9.49
  • Bring The Crunch costs £9.49
  • Towelie Your Gaming Bud costs £1.69

What we thought?

  • Towelie – This shouldn’t really be paid content – though that is kind of the joke. He doesn’t really offer any productive hints and his presence is merely there to add an extra chuckle.
  • Relics of Zaron – Again, the price is a concern for this piece of content as it’s basically just a change of clothes and some artifacts. While they’re effective for a good chunk of the content, they can be quite easily outgrown. Cute and novel but probably should be priced more cheaply.
  • Danger Deck –This content is a nice way to test yourself against a wide variety of enemies and adds a nice challenge for players who’ve breezed through all the content with the ultra hard difficulty, then Diabolic. The issue is that the rewards are quite poor and certainly nothing compared to those found in the main story DLC packs although they are exclusive to this content pack. It’s just unusual pricing all over again considering the £1 difference between Relics of Zaron and Danger Deck that you’re getting so much more for your money with this. Danger Deck isn’t the selling point of this Season Pass but it will keep you playing the game long after the story content is completed.  7/10

From Dusk Til Casa Bonita

As far as DLC goes, From Dusk Til Casa Bonita is up with the best of them in terms of what it offers and what it adds. The new class is a refreshing change of pace, your new ally is great, it will make you laugh till your ribs hurt, and the quirky side-quests and mini-games are genuinely cool additions.

Agreed, it’s a premium price for DLC and can be over quite quickly, but I value the time I spend with each piece of content, if it manages to change the experience for the better, and whether it kept me entertained throughout. Overwhelmingly, the answer to each of these is yes.

South Park The Fractured But Whole: From Dusk Til Casa Bonita is a great example of how DLC can add to a great game, and in some cases, enhance it.


Bring the Crunch

Bring the Crunch has a bunch of content, is well-designed, and feels like a refreshing and radical departure from every other South Park game to date. It also has one of the best end-boss battles in an RPG I’ve ever seen. I loved it.

Both mischevious puzzle solving and battle diversity really keeps the content interesting, though some sections were a bit frustrating, particularly the sacred ground battlefield where enemies are continuously revived, and others where enemy turns just seem to go on forever. Battles in Bring the Crunch are much longer than before due to environmental shifts and character abilities you come up against, in addition to your own slow natured abiltiies, but it forces you to think carefully about your every move and not just mindlessly tap the button to win.

Bring the Crunch is a brilliant DLC that shocks, startles, and almost always entertains even though it’s very different from its source material. It flows exceedingly well while still managing to offer plenty of optional content should you want it. Slight battle grievances aside, Bring the Crunch is not only a marked improvement on Casa Bonita, but it ensures that the Fractured But Whole Season Pass is now an absolute must-buy.



The total cost of the content individually is £29.65 based on RRP so the combined price of £24.99 for the Season Pass definitely offers best value of money.

On the whole, we think this is a good season pass which offers some excellent additional story-based content as well as lastability through Danger Deck.

There are some question marks around the inclusion of Towelie and the pricing of Relics of Zaron is slightly more premium than we’d like, but the rest of the package helps make up for it.

If you enjoyed South Park: The Fractured But Whole, there’s really no reason not to dive into the additional stories and despite some of the pricing of the content, the Season Pass is the most cost effective way of getting it.


+ Bring the Crunch and Casa Bonita are great DLCs
+ Danger Deck adds some nice longevity to the package
+ Nice artifacts and costumes


– Towelie is a bit pointless
– Relics of Zaron is overpriced
– Danger Deck rewards quickly surpassed by the narrative DLC

South Park: The Fractured But Whole: Season Pass

7.5 out of 10

Tested on Xbox One

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