Batman Arkham Origins multiplayer goes online.

An online multiplayer component has been confirmed for Batman Arkham Origins

A first for the Arkham series, this mode will allow players to take Batman, Robin or an elite member of Joker or Bane’s gang online and face other people.

Handling the port is Splash Damage, the team responsible for Brink. Brink was a game with great multiplayer ideas, but it was riddled with glitches and some fairly poor execution. We hope they’ve learned some lessons.

Players can hunt as Batman or Robin, fighting the most challenging opponents, friends or randomers. They can also side with Joker or Bane and attempt to take down Batman, Robin or anyone else. The bad guys can also call in ultimate reinforcement, which will enable them to play as Joker or Bane themselves.

Teams are split in two and it will be a three way war with team sets of criminals.

Criminals can go into cover, perform rolls and have crazy weapons. Any kills will drive down the other gang’s reinforcements. When a team’s reinforcements reach zero, the opponents just have to beat them both again to eliminate them from the game.

Batman and Robin, on the other hand, attack from the shadows and can takedown their opponents. The more they beat, the more their intimidation gauge builds up. Once it’s filled, the heroes win the game. Alfred can also contact the heroes and mark high profile criminals. Beating these will provide additional bonus points. If the heroes are killed, however, their intimidation score reduces, and if the last surviving gang member actually manages to kill a hero, the entire team is returned for a last chance comeback and the Intimdation gauge lowers even further.

Arkham Origins is a prequel to the previous Arkham Games and is being developed by Armature Studio, not Rocksteady.

The game will release on all platforms worldwide on Oct. 25, 2013.

Here’s the announcement trailer. Interesting to note that Wii U is not listed at the end of the trailer. What does that mean?


(Some information via OXM – Thanks)

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