Carmageddon fixes multiplayer issues

A new patch update for Carmageddon Max Damage has just gone live on Steam which tweaks and improves various outstanding issues with the game.

It’s mostly a multiplayer focused patch, including an issue that caused the game to lock at 33fps after a reset following deync.

Other notable improvements are fixes for 4 player Fox N Hounds when all players are the Toucan, and title instability with Dual Core machines.

Here’s the update list.

  • MULTIPLAYER – The game no longer locks to 33fps after a reset following a desync.
  • MULTIPLAYER – Multiplayer events with the Toucan should now not cause desyncs.
  • GAMEPLAY – FOX N HOUNDS – Vehicles that change skin via Solid Granite or Freeze Ray no longer lose their textures if they are the Fox
  • MULTIPLAYER – Fix for 4 player Fox N Hounds when all players are the Toucan.
  • STEAM – Dual Core – User’s should no longer get a hang in the garage if they load into it with a non-default skin.
  • Title instability with Dual Core machines fixed
  • Title no longer crashes on launch when running without Windows update KB2670838
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