DC Universe Online Update 32 on PS4 and PC

A huge 6 Gig patch has gone live for DC Universe Online today and brings Update 32 to the F2P MMO. Entitled Season’s Greedings, there’s a lot of new info to digest for players.

To celebrate Christmas, Larfleeze is back. Players have to find and recover stolen gifts in Metropolis and Gotham City. Here’s the blurb.

Larfleeze’s greed can’t be satisfied so he is taking advantage of a heated battle between the Green Lanterns and the Sinestro Corps. Look for “Ring in the Holidays” in your Mission Journal. Players must complete “Yuletide Fear” or “Winter Plunderland” and “Season’s Greedings” in order to receive the “Ring in the Holidays” Daily Mission. A new mission will be available each day.

The Nature and Sorcery trees have also been updated with a variety of new abilities and altered powers. For instance, Nature has seen the Pterosaur Form replaced with Serpent Call. Sorcery has also seen a change. Life Element is now Summon Shard of Life.

The Skill Tree Changes also see The Plants Tree renamed to Flora, the Shape Shifting tree renamed to Fauna, and Rejuvinate and Vengeance no longer require Soul Siphon to purchase.

Steps have also been taken to disable PVP gear in PVE combat. Players will be informed via the chat log when their gear has been disabled and re-enabled. Stats will also reflect this.

Finally, there’s a Global Ability Update to Origin Crisis and Sons of Trigon. See below..

Most enemies in 4- and 8- player operations, alerts, and raids will now be vulnerable to counter mechanics, for Origin Crisis and Sons of Trigon content. Weak enemies will not inflict counters and are only vulnerable to counter. However, boss and higher ranking enemies will inflict counter attacks on players. When a boss or higher ranking enemy scores a counter attack, they will be immune to further counter attacks and control effects for an extended period of time and will flash blue during that period. However, unlike players, they don’t gain any damage prevention while immune to counter attacks.

On top of that, there’s a huge series of changes to the game, such as a Mainframe Trinket Update (which sees Sidekick/Accomplice, Back-up/Henchmen, Supply Drop and Orbital Strike Uplink Devices removed entirely from PvP deathmatch arenas). The Base Generator is also now online and allows players the flexibility to power their base levels from the Mainframe or Generator.

The update also brings in other technical issues, such as audio improvements, camera adjustments, chat log problems, Collections and content. To see the full patch notes, visit here

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