Dead Rising 3 patch corrupting campaign and save files

A whopping 5GB update went live for Dead Rising 3 a few days ago, and while it isn’t entirely clear what the patch does, it is clear what it has managed to disrupt. Many people are complaining that their save file and campaign has been corrupted since the update, forcing them to start all over.

There have also been reports of character levels being reset, the game crashing to the dashboard on normal or nightmare modes, missing sound effects in cut scenes and several weapon blueprints going missing.

Some have recommended that people actually wait for the whole patch to download and not to try and jump in and play while it is downloading. Those people are not reporting any issues.

Capcom and Microsoft haven’t actually released official notes for the patch, but it seems that the patch provides compatibility for future DLC, the DLC achievements, as well as some graphical upgrades.

Are you experiencing problems with the patch?

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