Diablo IV Early Access begins, cosmetics and prices now in store

Diablo IV has launched into early access for those who’ve purchased the Ultimate Edition and Digital Deluxe, which means the store is now live.

This means cosmetics and apparel can be seen and they can be purchased with real cash. These don’t have gameplay effects, however, rather they are for the visuals only.

Kotaku have broken down what’s on store and armor sets range in price and max out at around $25 for a Wraith Lord set. Others, like mounts can also be picked up for around $15.

They’ve also highlighted that to purchase everything ‘currently listed in the shop at launch, you’d need just over 40,000 platinum / around $350.

Diablo 3 is out now in Early Access across all formats via Digital Deluxe and Ultimate Editions. It releases officially June 6 on PC, Xbox and PlayStation

(Source: Kotaku)

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