Dishonored: Death of the Outsider shows off Billie’s powers and gear

In Death of the Outsider, players will finally get to take on the role of Billie and access her cool gadgets and assets.

These powers offer the same amount of flexibility you’ve come to know and love about Dishonored, providing various ways to play.

Billie is a bit different from Corvo and Emily in that she doesn’t have supernatural powers and hasn’t been granted the Mark of the Outsider.

She can still do some neat stuff, however. Like the Disperse power which leaves a marker in the world that Billie can come back to.

There’s also the Hook Mine which can be left on wall and will magnetically drag an enemy to that spot. It can be used to suspend an enemy, or, extreme circumstances, hang, draw, and quarter them to gory effect.

Billie gets powers from her artificial arm which is made up of pieces from the Void, as well as her false eye. Certainly an interesting perspective considering what we’re used to from the Dishonored games, and definitely sets the scene for the DLC’s namesake.

The full video shows the powers in action ahead of the DLC’s release on September 15th.


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