Donkey Kong Country leads the lineup on Nintendo Switch Online on July 15th

Don’t think about cancelling your Nintendo Switch Online subscription just yet because this month is getting a megaton.

Donkey Kong Country will finally join the Super Nintendo Lineup alongside Natsume Championship Wrestling.

On the NES side is also a huge surprise as EA’s The Immortal will re-emerge from complete obscurity. Seriously, wow, I adored this on the Amiga!

But undoubtedly, DKC can and should get all the headlines. This is one people have been calling for over the last few months and it’s finally here in all its glory.

Nintendo have even released some Classified Information about DKC to get you in the mood, which includes some classic cheats for those who want extra lives and are looking to get some extra completion.

Take a look for yourself. Or don’t and save the surprise for launch.

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Sally Willington

Sally is relatively new to gaming since a newfound addiction to Nintendo Switch. Now they just can't stop playing, anything and everything. Sally especially loves a good RPG and thinks that Yuna may just be one of her favourite characters ever.
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