Endless Space 2 adds new Major Faction

Amplitude Studios have released a free update for Endless Space 2 which – among other things – adds The United Empire faction to the main game. Alongside this major faction, three minor factions have also been included, as well as further gameplay tweaks and refinements.

The United Empire are an economics-focused faction that use their influence to try and get their way, and always seek to profit from every eventuality. Whereas two of the minor factions come from the original Endless Space game – The Pilgrims and Amoeba – and the Z’vali are a brand new addition.

There are also various minor faction quests, such as the ability to assimilate minor factions during key quests, and an increased turn limit. Players can now have a maximum of 200 turns, enabling them to continue the game after achieving victory at turn 100.

A new Marketplace has also been added to Endless Space 2 where you can acquire new resources and even heroes as long as you have the right amount of Dust. This goes along with Era 4 additions to the Technology Tree, and the addition of deeds where players can earn special rewards for performing certain actions.

We’ll be sure to take a closer look at the patch and report our findings once we’ve spent some time with it.

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