Exoprimal Season 3 begins Monster Hunter collaboration this week

The third season of Exoprimal, as previously revealed, is crossing over with Monster Hunter.

Kicking 2024 off in style, players will be able to get into the new collaboration from January 18th and get access to new Exosuits, an all new map and boss battle, as well as additional gear and events.

Players will be able to unlock a Monster Hunter mission in game and then have the opportunity to fight Rathalos and ‘hordes of Velociprey’.

Included in the content is also cosmetics inspired by the Monster Hunter games, such as a Rathalos, Kirin, Nergigante, and Rajang armor and monster skins.

All this is brought together with a Neo Triceratops boss fight, playable with up to 10 players, and a new map – Jungle.

As if that’s not enough, Capcom have provided the first details on Season 4, coming in April 2024, which adds a new Challenge Mode – Time Loop Rebellion – a Custom Match mode, and a third, unannounced Capcom collaboration.

Exoprimal Season 3 begins January 18th.

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