Far Cry 5 Season Pass Trailer confirms Blood Dragon dev involvement

A brand new Far Cry 5 Season Pass Trailer has hit and confirms Blood Dragon developers are working on it.

The Season Pass includes Hours of Darkness, Lost on Mars and Dead Living Zombies, as well as Far Cry 3 Classic Edition. Each content looks wacky and hilarious and we cannot wait.

Hours of Darkness will see player travel back to Vietnam to fight against Viet Cong soliders and save fellow soldiers.

Dead Living Zombies will have players team up against waves of zombies in seven different scenarios.

Lost on Mars, meanwhile, will have players leave Earth to fight martian arcahnids.

Season Pass owners will also get Far Cry 3 Classic Edition four weeks ahead of a standalone purchase in the Summer.

The trailer also confirms Far Cry Arcade which will add tons of post-launch content for the game. This is seperate from the Season Pass and will be constantly updated with content and challenges.

There will also be Far Cry Live Events which add random events to the game.

This looks absolutely incredible and we cannot wait to get our hands on it.

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