Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail is out now across all formats

The fifth expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is now available across all platforms.

Dawntrail follows Endwalker which launched in 2021 and takes players to the continent of Tural. This is a brand new adventure and serves as something of a fresh start following the games long and epic arc of previous expansions, but it also contain some familiar, as well as new faces.

Players will uncover the golden city of Tural and learn more about it as they unravel an ongoing mystery while visiting new areas like Urqopacha and Kozama’uka.

Players will accompany Wuk Lamat in their rite of succession-an across the glittering seas, and have the chance to try out new playable jobs – Viper, who is a close-range fighter and Pictomancer, who weaves their imagination into the fabric of reality, manifesting motifs into living muses.

Final Fantasy XIV has also had a graphical overhaul with new improvements and enhancements and this is all done in conjunction with Patch 7.0

Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail is now available on PC, PS and Xbox.

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