Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus gets further details ahead of March 28

While the game has received numerous major patches, Final Fantasy XV is set to receive its first major piece of story-based content next week when Episode Gladiolus hits.

Available separately for $4.99 or as part of the Season Pass for $24.99, Episode Gladiolus focuses on a period in the story when Gladio separates himself from the group briefly after a confrontation with High Commander Ravus.

Gladiolus goes on a pilgrimage to increase his strength in order to become the guardian he needs to be for Prince Noct. To do this, he travels to some ancient ruins which are said to contain the spirits of heroes who once served the king. Only one person has managed to complete these trials and survive and Gladio seeks them out for help.

The content will fill some of the gaps of the main story while also creating a battle style more familiar to Gladiolus’ character. He will be able to block and counterattack his enemies using a Valor and Rage system.

There will also be new environments for the player to explore, as well as items which can be carried across from the main game to the content. This will also be transferrable from the content to the main game, including special items which are new to this content.

There will also be new gameplay modes – Score Attack and Final Trial once the episode is complete, adding a bit of replay value and challenge.

The next content to follow will be Episode Prompto in June, plus Episode Ignis and the Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades at a later date.



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